A THOUSAND METAL FOLDS announced – then sells out!

Posted by on Dec 27, 2004

The lettered edition of A THOUSAND METAL FOLDS, Book One – The Fall has SOLD OUT from the publisher.

This edition sold out very quickly (we’re talking within a couple of days of the publisher announcing it!) and the limited edition is following close behind. If you haven’t already, make sure you shoot over to the Bloodletting Press website and order your copy before it’s too late! Shocklines.com is also taking orders, so you could place an order there.

The first book, Cut I – The Fall, is due from Bloodletting Press mid 2005. For more details and cover blurb, as well as for updates on this and the other four books in the series, visit the A THOUSAND METTLE FOLDS page.

This sounds like an excellent five book series, and is a welcome surprise “extra” announcement – one of the extras Bloodletting Press promised when announcing the GERLACH LIBRARY some months ago.

This is Gerlach’s first novella since HUNTING ZOE, and is the first series of books Steve has written. It’s also the first time Steve has co-authored a story, this one being co-authored with Aussie writer, Amanda Kool.

So, one down…four to come! 🙂