Steve Gerlach is one of Australia’s few thriller writers. Born and bred in Australia, Gerlach’s fast-paced, cut-to-the-bone style is a refreshing voice in the dry, barren Australian literary scene.

Steve’s background includes many varied roles. He has worked as an editor for a book publisher; as the editor-in-chief of an Australian motorcycle magazine; editor and publisher of an international crime magazine, Probable Cause; a researcher and columnist for a major Australian daily newspaper; a Technical Publications Officer in the security industry; marketing executive for an international telecommunications software company; a writer for Australian Defence training and software producers; and currently works as a freelance writer.

He was also the Historical Advisor on the Australian film, Let’s Get Skase, and spent a fair amount of his youth watching classic black and white television programs such as The Twilight Zone.

Steve Gerlach lives in Melbourne, where he is currently working on a new novel or two.