Cell Candy

ISBN: Not available
Bloodletting Press
Limited chapbook available with Rage purchase
Released late 2003


Cell Candy was a limited edition chapbook that was only available with orders of the Bloodletting Press lettered and limited editions of Rage – released early January 2004.

“As this is a chapbook, we don’t want to give away the plot on this one. All we can tell you is that it’s one of the most disturbing pieces of writing Steve has ever produced.” — Bloodletting Press.

I needed a break at work and decided to read that Gerlach short story you sent me, CellCandy. Bad decision, because now I feel a little sick and even ashamed of myself. It’s a very perverted and disturbing story…and part of me liked it. I feel like I’ve committed some sort of crime and am going to burn in hell. –  Jason Villeneuve, USA