Cargo Cult Press
Ultra-limited hardback and Lettered editions
Released late 2008

Injustice by Steve Gerlach

Bob Faulkner stands accused of a crime he didn’t commit; the violent rape of a sixteen year old which has torn the community apart. With no alibi for the night in question, and even with his protests of innocence, the jury returns a swift verdict of guilty and Faulkner is sentenced to 12 years jail.

The media reports the members of the jury are all united in their verdict. But not everyone agrees with the final decision and how it was taken by force behind closed doors…

Twelve years later, the trial is long forgotten by most. But someone has a long memory… and holds an even longer grudge.

When people start to go missing, the hunt is on to find a psychopath on the loose, and to discover what long-forgotten secret binds all the victims together.


Just who is the criminal? And who is innocent?

Because everyone hides a secret, and some secrets are worth killing for.


“The greatest injustice of all, is that which is not avenged.”


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