Within His Reach

Soft cover ISBN: 9780980636710
Hard cover ISBN: 9780980636734
Tasmaniac Publications
Released 2010

Within His Reach by Steve Gerlach

Arnold Enright has been a prisoner for the past six years, confined to a cell not of his own making. Sentenced to viewing his world’s reflection in a mirror and with little hope of escape, he is a man whose whole existence can be measured in feet and inches, his only companion the relentless wheeze of an iron lung.
In this hopeless life of scientific dead-ends, Arnold Enright is left to ponder, to regret, to constantly remember what was, and what might have been. Forever praying for an escape route and a way to end it all, Mr Enright is about to discover his prayers have been answered, but in a way he could never have imagined.

“Within His Reach is a gripping story, reminiscent of a top-drawer Twilight Zone episode. Steve Gerlach grabs you right at the start and holds you breathless until the very last line. I can imagine the spirits of Rod Serling and Charles Beaumont nodding their approval over this powerful novella–it’s a terrific piece of work.” –Christopher Conlon, Bram Stoker Award finalist for Midnight on Mourn Street, Starkweather Dreams
“I’ve read and enjoyed everything Steve Gerlach has published but I never imagined he had the talent, the soul, and the insight to write a story like Within His Reach. This is a wonderful tribute to Rod Serling –deeply moving, heartbreaking, even. It’s an emotional roller-coaster I’ll be thinking about for a long time. I can’t recommend it highly enough.” – John R. Little, Bram Stoker Award winning author of Miranda, The Memory Tree and The Gray Zone



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