RAGE returns!

Posted by on Sep 23, 2017

In very exciting news, I can report RAGE has returned to paperback for the first time since 2001! Available now, you can follow the journey of Ben Jackson, as his grip on reality slowly slips and the RAGE builds within him. This is the first time the UNCUT version of the novel has been available in paperback anywhere in the world, so make sure you pick up a copy as soon as possible. RAGE was published on September 6, and is now available to order worldwide. I’m also thrilled to announce we have more Vince Natale original artwork gracing the cover of RAGE as well, continuing our fine tradition of ensuring Vince’s vision of my characters is displayed on each paperback release. He really brings my characters to life. Ben will give you nightmares! This version is the Definitive Edition paperback version of the novel released through Probable Cause Publishing and – as I said – is uncut. This is the fourth release of the newly revitalised Probable Cause Publishing, the first being LOVE LIES DYING back in September 2016, LAKE MOUNTAIN in November 2016, and THE NOCTURNE in February of this year. RAGE is available via Amazon and through all good bookstores worldwide right now! So don’t delay, set your sights on a copy now! The awesome new cover artwork can be found below. He knows if something doesn’t change soon, something bad is going to happen. Something very bad. He can’t control it. It controls him. RAGE… Next up for Probable Cause Publishing will be a newly revised and expanded HUNTING ZOE AND OTHER TALES early in 2018. Stay...

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40th Anniversary of the Dismissal: November 11, 2015

Posted by on Oct 25, 2015

I’ve delved into my archives to re-publish an article that I wrote twenty years ago which deals with the dismissal of the Australian Whitlam Government on November 11, 1975. While this is a fiction website, twenty years ago I was also writing non-fiction, and this was quite a hot topic at the time. This article was first published in Probable Cause magazine, and was then re-published in other magazines and online websites as well. A quick Google search recently showed that the article had disappeared online, with the various websites no longer in existance. So, I feel it’s a very good opportunity (and timely too) to republish this article here as part of my website… both as an interesting piece for my readers, and also as an alternative to current history books. I’m quite often asked about this piece (and it is referenced on many political websites too) so it’s nice to finally have a proper place for it on the web…which won’t disappear! The article caused some furore in Newscorp at the time (where I was working), with a particular journalist taking exception to another view of events. Fun times! Enjoy! ~~ COUP D’ETAT IN AUSTRALIA
BY STEVE GERLACH “THE WRONG PEOPLE” Former CIA agent Victor Marchetti explained the US-Australian relationship very well: “Australia is going to be increasingly important to the United States, and so long as Australians keep electing the right people then there’ll be a stable relationship between the two countries.” (Secret Country, p. 353). For 23 years before 1972, the Australian people had been electing the “right people,” the Liberal-National Country Party Coalition headed for most of that period by Robert Menzies. The Coalition was essentially conservative, and had a foreign policy which was sycophantic, to say the least. Menzies himself actually despised Australia, and would much rather have been the Prime Minister of Britain. He once said, “A sick feeling of repugnance grows in me as I near Australia.” He hated his country so much, and loved England enough to beg the British government to conduct their nuclear bomb tests from 1952 to 1958 in the Australian deserts at Maralinga (home of thirteen Aboriginal settlements). Menzies agreed to the testing without even consulting his cabinet. As John Pilger says, “Australia gained the distinction of becoming the only country in the world to have supplied uranium for nuclear bombs which its Prime Minister allowed to be dropped by a foreign power on his own people without adequate warning.” (A Secret Country, p. 168). Later Liberal Prime Ministers turned their sycophancy towards the United States. John Gorton said in 1969 “We will go a-waltzing Matilda with you,” and Harold Holt coined the phrase “All the way with LBJ” when sending Australian troops to the Vietnam War. Again, the Liberal government was so desperate to...

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Book Signing – May 4 – in Melbourne

Posted by on Apr 24, 2013

A quick note to all Melbourne-based Gerlach fans that you should keep Saturday, May 4, free to come to a very exciting book signing with me and my very good friend Brett McBean! The signing is from 5pm at Notions Unlimited Bookshop in Chelsea. Hope to see you all there! Follow this link for more details.

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AUTOPSY I & II eBook Competition

Posted by on Apr 4, 2013

A quick heads up for all my readers: currently an excellent Gerlach competition for ebook copies of AUTOPSY I & II is happening on the LegumeMan Books Facebook page! Enter now by Liking the page and you go into the draw for copies!...

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AUTOPSY II eBook links now live!

Posted by on Feb 3, 2013

Autopsy II is NOW available on Amazon for the Kindle HERE and Smashwords for other ebook devices HERE! The Legumeman site will be updated shortly for ordering both paperback and eBook versions from the publisher. I hope you all enjoy the continued story of Autopsy and her reign of...

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