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Screaming Dreams pre-release PR

I'm really excited to share the artwork of the pre-release posters for the Gerlach library being published by Screaming Dreams in the UK.

Click on the images below to see the full-size versions, or download the
Lake Mountain poster (JPEG, 1.5MB) and The Nocturne poster (JPEG, 1.1MB) here.

Lake Mountain by Steve Gerlach

The Nocturne by Steve Gerlach

UK Gerlach Library Announced

Finally, here's the news I've been working towards for the last few months...

I'm excited and honored to be able to announce that SCREAMING DREAMS PUBLISHING in the UK has just announced a exclusive deal to produce The Gerlach Library. This will be a full collection of all my novels, with proper artwork and design, starting with LAKE MOUNTAIN in September this year and THE NOCTURNE early in 2011.

Screaming Dreams is publishing some of the best UK dark fiction available, and they're fully committed to providing you with a proper collector's set of Gerlach Novels - all designed to compliment each other and look fantastic on your shelves. The books themselves will feature the very best artwork available for each novel, my own "author's preferred text" never before produced in any edition currently available, and the release schedule will be two novels a year.

There will be extras with each book, and I can guarantee the love and dedication to each novel that the guys at Screaming Dreams have already shown is simply amazing. They also have exclusive rights to my two new novels, which will be slated into the release schedule at a future date.

Below are the first "teaser" adverts (which make terrific bookmarks) for both LAKE MOUNTAIN and THE NOCTURNE.

Steve Gerlach Lake Mountain bookmark

To find out more about each release, and order your copy, follow these links:

LAKE MOUNTAIN: http://www.screamingdreams.com/lakemountain.html

THE NOCTURNE: http://www.screamingdreams.com/thenocturne.html

I'm involved in these releases more-so than any other version of my novels, so expect frequent updates and news about these releases as I receive them.

If you only own one version of my novels, these are the versions you'll want to have!

THE NOCTURNE is now shipping!

The limited edition of THE NOCTURNE is now shipping. I am happy to bring you exclusive shots of the soon-to-be-released lettered edition.

The photos show once again the craftsmanship and level of dedication to each release by the team at Cargo Cult Press. I look forward to working with them on future releases.





Extra Special Addition to THE NOCTURNE

I have just submitted an extra special short story that will be delivered only to those who pre-ordered THE NOCTURNE from Cargo Cult Press.

It's an important story as it'll be one piece of a soon to be expanding puzzle. This "puzzle" will feature with all my Cargo Cult Press releases from now on. So, those of you who pre-ordered THE NOCTURNE are in for a real treat! Plus, you'll be lucky enough to "get in on the ground floor" so to speak.

I'll post more about the short story once it has been delivered with copies of the novel. Until then, we want to keep this one as a nice surprise for my fans and customers of Cargo Cult Press.

BREAKING NEWS - The Nocturne hardback

I've seen the first shots of THE NOCTURE hardback prototypes from Cargo Cult Press... couldn't wait to post these here. THE NOCTURNE dream is almost a reality! The limited edition will be shipping in two weeks, the deluxe edition will be shipping in four weeks.

I also want to say a big thanks to the Cargo Cult Press team for doing such a fine job.

...So what are you waiting for? Order your copy of THE NOCTURNE here!




Nocturne artwork in 2009 awards

Vince Natale's fantastic artwork for THE NOCTURNE has been accepted into the Spectrum Annual of Fantastic Art for 2009. This is terrific peer recognition for Vince and proves once again why he's the best in the business.

Congrats to Vince from all of us!

Gerlach Chat This Thurs/Fri

I will be visiting the Horror-Mall chatrooms this Thursday and Friday nights to chat about the upcoming release of THE NOCTURNE by Cargo Cult Press.

The chats take place Thursday night, April 30 at 9:30pm US EST, and then again Friday night May 1 at 9:00 Aust EST. This way, I hope to talk to as many people as possible in both hemispheres of the globe!

There's some exciting added extras for those who order THE NOCTURNE in either Limited or Lettered editions before they're sold out, so make sure you order now and find out what you have to do to go into the draw for some exciting prizes from the Gerlach Archives. During the chats I'll let you know what's up for offer! There are multiple prizes for both editions... and they are truly one-of-a-kind opportunities! So order your copies today, as stocks are down to single figures!

Th Horror-Mall chatrooms can be found here.

And you can order THE NOCTURNE now through here.

#1 Bestselling pre-order for March!

Over at Horror Mall, THE NOCTURNE has just weighed in as the #1 Bestseller (pre-orders) for March.

This is terrific news! Orders are going strong and both editions of the novel are almost sold out. There's been some great feedback on this release already and word on the street has it that Cargo Cult is going to produce an absolutely stunning edition!

Get yours now while you still can!

screenshot from Horror Mall

Signature sheets for The Nocture arrive!

Well, in record time, the signature sheets for THE NOCTURNE have arrived. The pics below show me signing away all of Friday night. From the deadly serious at the start, to the slow but sure unravelling of my mind as the wrist cramps take hold. It's a blow by blow (or sign by sign) photo-record of the event!

But seriously, I couldn't be more proud of the professionalism and the way the guys at Cargo Cult Press have grabbed THE NOCTURNE and run with it. It's exciting to know this book will see a US release in less than three months!

Remember, this is a limited edition that's selling fast. Even the ultra-limited lettered edition is almost gone, so head over to Horror Mall and secure your copy before it's too late!

First I need to get myself in the mood with some finger exercises........

Here are the sig sheets that need to be signed.

Here, take a closer look!

Okay, let the signing begin! ...

... seriously, let me get on with it.



...... okay, I'm half-way through these. Time to celebrate with some cheesy dance moves!

The Nocturne - Express Release Announced!

I'm very happy to announce that The Nocturne is being published by Cargo Cult Press, and is now available for pre-order through the Horror Mall website.

The guys at Cargo Cult are the leaders in cutting-edge horror and thrillers and have dedicated themselves to a quick turnaround on The Nocturne, the novel some US readers see as the "missing Gerlach." Cargo Cult has also listened to readers calls for "more Gerlach, more often" - hence the quick turnaround on getting The Nocturne out to the masses before the end of June. Yes, that's right, this novel will be delivered in just over three months.

This is the first new Cargo Cult Gerlach release announced since the wonderfully successful INJUSTICE, but it certainly won't be the last. Look for more announcements from Cargo Cult very soon, with some exciting new novels scheduled for next year.

Click here to secure your copy of THE NOCTURNE now!

The cover blurb for THE NOCTURNE can be found here. Some advance quotes for the novel are below, along with a reminder of the terrific artwork produced by Vince Natale, which will grace this edition.

I'm thrilled and excited about future prospects with Cargo Cult. Their dedication to producing fine limited editions, and their belief in some of the best writers going around, makes them the perfect partner for my novels both today and going forward.

I'm excited, and I hope you are too. Strap yourself in for THE NOCTURNE - coming in June.


"A really fast paced, grim, exciting, sexy novel. It's very gripping, violent, and weird. I really enjoyed it. The Nocturne is a book that any Laymon fan ought to enjoy. " -- Richard Laymon, author of The Cellar, USA

"The Nocturne is a guilty pleasure, full of wall-to-wall action. Forget about going to bed. Reschedule that appointment. Gerlach has pulled you into his world and won't let go. The Nocturne is a wonderfully enjoyable and gruesome ride." -- Barry Hoffman, author of Judas Eyes, USA

"The Nocturne is a horror/sci-fi thrill ride. The full-throttle, staccato pacing of this novel is extreme." -- Cemetery Dance Magazine, USA

Read more reviews of The Nocturne here.

The Nocturne dust jacket

Ladies and gents, as promised.. here is the dust jacket layout for THE NOCTURNE - soon to be published by Bloodletting Press.

There is some debate about whether or not any future Gerlach Library releases through Bloodletting will have a dust-jacket at all... so it's quite possible this dust jacket will NEVER be used. If you'd like to have your copy of THE NOCTURNE with a dust jacket, and to continue the same "look and feel" for every Gerlach release, email Bloodletting and let them know you want the dust-jackets to remain!

nocturne dust jacket

The Nocturne artwork revealed!

As promised, we bring you the world-wide exclusive unveiling of the artwork for THE NOCTURNE.

This excellent piece was painted by Vince Natale, who also created the covers for Love Lies Dying and Lake Mountain.

I'm sure you will agree it's a stunning visual interpretation of the novel.

THE NOCTURNE is due out soon through Bloodletting Press. We'll have the dust jacket artwork to upload here soon.

The Nocturne artwork

The Nocturne artwork released soon

Vince Natale is putting the finishing touches on the artwork for THE NOCTURNE, due next year from Bloodletting Press. What I've seen so far is awesome, and will continue the fine tradition of excellent artwork for the Gerlach Bloodletting Range. As soon as I see the finished artwork I will upload it here.

Massive update!

It's been a long time between updates here at SteveGerlach.com, due mainly to work and editing commitments. However, we hope to rectify that in the new year, and to also bring you some very exciting exclusives in the months ahead. For now, let's play a little catch-up, as we bring you up to speed with the latest Gerlach news...

Harmony Chokes writing continues...

Work on Harmony Chokes continues with a probable deadline of late 2008. This novel is a little different to those that went before it, but it's going to be quite a ride nonetheless. Look for exclusive updates early next year... including some missing scenes that will only be available online here at SteveGerlach.com!

Lake Mountain UK paperback artwork released...

Screaming Dreams Press has released the initial artwork for their 2008 UK paperback release of Lake Mountain. This fantastic new vision of Lake Mountain comes from renowned artist Les Edwards. We all agree it's a fantastic cover!

Lake Mountain UK cover art

Aussie publisher announces Exclusive Gerlach for 2009!

Tasmaniac Publications logo

Tasmaniac Publications is a new Aussie publisher who is creating quite a stir. Excellent, ultra-limited editions are the name of the game here, and the guys behind Tasmaniac have locked Gerlach in for a 2009 release, tentatively titled All That Is Within His Reach. No more news on this one at this stage, other than it will be a short novel released in 2009. Find out more about Tasmaniac (along with the other fine authors they're releasing) at: http://www.tasmaniacpublications.com.au/.

Artwork for US version of The Nocturne underway.

Vince Natale, the cover artist for the Bloodletting Press version of The Nocturne, reports that the cover art is progressing nicely and hopefully early in 2008 we'll be able to provide you an exclusive sneek peak. From what we've seen so far, it will be another excellent cover for Bloodletting Books!

1000MF release date firms.

Bloodletting Press also report that soon after the release of Hunting Zoe and other tales (see below), the first book in the A Thousand Mettle Folds series will see release. More details (including the cover) can be found below in our April 27 news update, or on the dedicated 1000MF page on this site.

Hunting Zoe almost here! TOC announced!

Hunting Zoe and other tales.. is with the printers as we speak and we're looking at a late 2007/early 2008 release from Bloodletting Press. This is a very exciting release, finally giving Hunting Zoe the love and dedication she deserves. The Table of Contents has also been released, giving everyone an insight into the extra special additions to this release. The TOC is:

* When Fantasy Met Reality - Hunting Zoe introduction by Brett McBean
* Hunting Zoe
* Broken Cookie - short story
* Schism - short story
* CellCaNdy - short story
* Dead of Night - German version - first English release short story
* Jungle - short story, first time printing
* Steve Gerlach On The Edge - FULL and UPDATED Gerlach interview with Ron Clinton.

This release collects for the first time five Gerlach short stories, some of which see their first US release and, in the case of JUNGLE, it's first printing anywhere. The interview is an updated and uncut interview between Gerlach and Clinton - an abridged version first seeing print in Cemetery Dance Magazine a few years ago.

Ben Jackson to Kill Bill?

We've seen filmed evidence of a certain American director being handed a copy of RAGE during a UK meet-and-greet. If we can get clearance to show the footage, we'll upload it early in the new year.

ILT final cover announced. Mid 2008 release.

Cemetery Dance has released the finalized cover artwork for IN LAYMON'S TERMS. The signature sheets have been returned and we can look forward to this excellent memorial to Richard Laymon's work being released (finally!) in 2008! Fingers crossed! This is the huge tribute anthology edited by Kelly Laymon, Steve Gerlach and Richard Chizmar.

In Laymons Terms cover art

Gerlach UK Paperback releases announced!

Excellent news reaches us that Screaming Dreams Press in the UK has signed and sealed a deal to release paperback editions of all Gerlach novels. The first release will be LAKE MOUNTAIN early in 2008. Here's what Screaming Dreams editor, Steve Upham, had to say in a recent email newsletter:

I've updated the What's New page to include a brief announcement regarding the Steve Gerlach novels. Some of you may already be aware of this info as the deal has been in progress for a while, but I'm only just getting around to making the news public now.For those of you who may not be familiar with Steve's work, he is one of of Australia's foremost dark thriller writers and has released some wonderful novels through Bloodletting Press in the US. I look forward to working with him on these titles.The first book to be released will be LAKE MOUNTAIN and is sheduled to be published early in 2008. I will add further details and upload a dedicated page for this book in due course.

The dedicated page for LAKE MOUNTAIN is now online and can be found at: http://www.screamingdreams.com/index.html?lang=en-uk&target=d23.html. Screaming Dreams is committed to releasing paperback editions all of the Gerlach novels in the next few years, and they will be widely available through the publisher's website, Amazon.co.uk and Amazon.com. Brilliant!

Bloodletting Press to announce THE NOCTURNE US edition!

It's yet to be announced, but we're 100% certain that Bloodletting Press will soon confirm the release date of Gerlach's hardest-to-find novel, THE NOCTURNE, for an early 2008 release. HUNTING ZOE AND OTHER STORIES is on track for a late 2007 release, and we believe Bloodletting want to follow it up with THE NOCTURNE as soon as possible. More news on this when it breaks, but expect an excellent cover by Vince Natale (artist for the Bloodletting editions of LAKE MOUNTAIN and LOVE LIES DYING) and an introduction by Barry Hoffman.

LAKE MOUNTAIN mention in Aussie Crime Series

Those who like their noir crime novels with an Aussie feel could do no better than to check out the Joe Blake series of Aussie Crime Noir releases. We even spotted this little mention of LAKE MOUNTAIN in the latest Blake book WARNING SHOTS LAST:

book cover
Outside the first drops from a storm splattered onto the hot pavement. It was steamy. I could feel the sweat running down the back of my legs. Thunder boomed and shafts of lightning cracked over the city. A water bomber droned overhead as it headed towards Two Rocks to put out a fire started by bored kids who loved to watch the planes at work. I was in a mean mood but I hadn’t completely lost it. I went back inside and took off my holster and locked the Glock in the wall safe along with my collection of early Phantom comics and my signed copy of Steve Gerlach’s Lake Mountain. It was a wise move, the smartest thing I’d done all day.

Copies of the book, and details of the whole series, can be found at: www.joeblake.com.au