Gerlach part of Amazon Shorts

Posted by on Dec 27, 2005

Right now at you have a chance to secure two never-before-published Gerlach stories as part of the Amazon Shorts program. For just 49 cents each, these tales come from Steve’s time working for Australia’s leading newspaper, the Herald Sun. The links for both pieces are here:

Cloning Around and A Killer Stalks The Outback.

These are digital files which are dowloaded straight to your desktop. Both are topical, especially the A Killer Stalks The Outback piece, as the trial is currently underway in Australia.

As a special extra for visitors, anyone who purchases both Shorts at Amazon and sends us proof of purchase (such as the Amazon invoice) will be sent a THIRD Short for free. Now that sounds like a bargain to us! Simply email us using the feedback link on our splash page, and we’ll forward you the third story within 24 hours.