Posted by on Dec 27, 2006

Hot off the presses… this is EXCLUSIVE BREAKING NEWS!
Bloodletting Press is soon to announce that due to the response from pre-orders of LOVE LIES DYING, they will be producing the first ever US hardback edition of HUNTING ZOE – the “sequel” to LOVE LIES DYING. And this edition will be packed with surprises, including stunning cover art and some extras that have never seen the light of day before, which is probably why the full title of the book is HUNTING ZOE AND OTHER TALES. More news can be found on the Bloodletting Press website soon (and also in their latest newsletter), and we’ll keep you up to date with news about this release too.
Make no mistake, HUNTING ZOE is very very important to the whole LOVE LIES DYING series… (that’s right – SERIES) for reasons that will become clearer in the months ahead. Pre-orders are available through and now.