Massive update!

Posted by on Dec 27, 2007

It’s been a long time between updates here at, due mainly to work and editing commitments. However, we hope to rectify that in the new year, and to also bring you some very exciting exclusives in the months ahead. For now, let’s play a little catch-up, as we bring you up to speed with the latest Gerlach news…

Harmony Chokes writing continues…

Work on Harmony Chokes continues with a probable deadline of late 2008. This novel is a little different to those that went before it, but it’s going to be quite a ride nonetheless. Look for exclusive updates early next year… including some missing scenes that will only be available online here at!

Lake Mountain UK paperback artwork released…
Screaming Dreams Press has released the initial artwork for their 2008 UK paperback release of Lake Mountain. This fantastic new vision of Lake Mountain comes from renowned artist Les Edwards. We all agree it’s a fantastic cover!

Lake Mountain UK cover art

Aussie publisher announces Exclusive Gerlach for 2009!

Tasmaniac Publications logo

Tasmaniac Publications is a new Aussie publisher who is creating quite a stir. Excellent, ultra-limited editions are the name of the game here, and the guys behind Tasmaniac have locked Gerlach in for a 2009 release, tentatively titled All That Is Within His Reach. No more news on this one at this stage, other than it will be a short novel released in 2009. Find out more about Tasmaniac (along with the other fine authors they’re releasing) at:

Artwork for US version of The Nocturne underway.

Vince Natale, the cover artist for the Bloodletting Press version of The Nocturne, reports that the cover art is progressing nicely and hopefully early in 2008 we’ll be able to provide you an exclusive sneek peak. From what we’ve seen so far, it will be another excellent cover for Bloodletting Books!

1000MF release date firms.

Bloodletting Press also report that soon after the release of Hunting Zoe and other tales (see below), the first book in the A Thousand Mettle Folds series will see release. More details (including the cover) can be found below in our April 27 news update, or on the dedicated 1000MF page on this site.

Hunting Zoe almost here! TOC announced!

Hunting Zoe and other tales.. is with the printers as we speak and we’re looking at a late 2007/early 2008 release from Bloodletting Press. This is a very exciting release, finally giving Hunting Zoe the love and dedication she deserves. The Table of Contents has also been released, giving everyone an insight into the extra special additions to this release. The TOC is:

* When Fantasy Met Reality – Hunting Zoe introduction by Brett McBean
* Hunting Zoe
* Broken Cookie – short story
* Schism – short story
* CellCaNdy – short story
* Dead of Night – German version – first English release short story
* Jungle – short story, first time printing
* Steve Gerlach On The Edge – FULL and UPDATED Gerlach interview with Ron Clinton.

This release collects for the first time five Gerlach short stories, some of which see their first US release and, in the case of JUNGLE, it’s first printing anywhere. The interview is an updated and uncut interview between Gerlach and Clinton – an abridged version first seeing print in Cemetery Dance Magazine a few years ago.

Ben Jackson to Kill Bill?

We’ve seen filmed evidence of a certain American director being handed a copy of RAGE during a UK meet-and-greet. If we can get clearance to show the footage, we’ll upload it early in the new year.

ILT final cover announced. Mid 2008 release.

Cemetery Dance has released the finalized cover artwork for IN LAYMON’S TERMS. The signature sheets have been returned and we can look forward to this excellent memorial to Richard Laymon’s work being released (finally!) in 2008! Fingers crossed! This is the huge tribute anthology edited by Kelly Laymon, Steve Gerlach and Richard Chizmar.