Posted by on Dec 27, 2004

This breaking news just in from from Bloodletting Press!


The ink is still wet on the contract but its now official we will be publishing all of Steve Gerlach’s novels in an exclusive GERLACH LIBRARY.

RAGE was the first in the set, and this will now be followed by LAKE MOUNTAIN, an all new ride into terror that will be published at the end of 2004.

There will only be 400 signed limited editions produced and a deluxe 26 lettered edition that will once again be signed in Steve’s own BLOOD.
Pre-order your copies soon before its too late.!

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As more information becomes available regarding cover art and illustrations we will pass it on.

– Also –

The RAGE limited edition has now been shipped out to our customers and those who ordered through us should be receiving their copies soon. The
lettered editions will be shipping in a couple more weeks….and let me tell you they are really Sweeeeet! If you haven’t reserved your copy of RAGE yet
do so quickly because these are selling very quickly and we are nearly sold out.

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Followup News from Bloodletting Press…

Wow! This just in from Larry:

The lettered edition of LAKE MOUNTAIN sold out from us in just 12 hours!!!! It’s Amazing!