The Nocturne – Express Release Announced!

Posted by on Dec 27, 2009

I’m very happy to announce that The Nocturne is being published by Cargo Cult Press, and is now available for pre-order through the Horror Mall website.

The guys at Cargo Cult are the leaders in cutting-edge horror and thrillers and have dedicated themselves to a quick turnaround on The Nocturne, the novel some US readers see as the “missing Gerlach.” Cargo Cult has also listened to readers calls for “more Gerlach, more often” – hence the quick turnaround on getting The Nocturne out to the masses before the end of June. Yes, that’s right, this novel will be delivered in just over three months.

This is the first new Cargo Cult Gerlach release announced since the wonderfully successful INJUSTICE, but it certainly won’t be the last. Look for more announcements from Cargo Cult very soon, with some exciting new novels scheduled for next year.

Click here to secure your copy of THE NOCTURNE now!

The cover blurb for THE NOCTURNE can be found here. Some advance quotes for the novel are below, along with a reminder of the terrific artwork produced byVince Natale, which will grace this edition.

I’m thrilled and excited about future prospects with Cargo Cult. Their dedication to producing fine limited editions, and their belief in some of the best writers going around, makes them the perfect partner for my novels both today and going forward.

I’m excited, and I hope you are too. Strap yourself in for THE NOCTURNE – coming in June.


“A really fast paced, grim, exciting, sexy novel. It’s very gripping, violent, and weird. I really enjoyed it. The Nocturne is a book that any Laymon fan ought to enjoy. ” — Richard Laymon, author of The Cellar, USA

“The Nocturne is a guilty pleasure, full of wall-to-wall action. Forget about going to bed. Reschedule that appointment. Gerlach has pulled you into his world and won’t let go. The Nocturne is a wonderfully enjoyable and gruesome ride.” — Barry Hoffman, author of Judas Eyes, USA

“The Nocturne is a horror/sci-fi thrill ride. The full-throttle, staccato pacing of this novel is extreme.” — Cemetery Dance Magazine, USA

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