The Sheriff rides the night

Posted by on Feb 15, 2017

As promised, early 2017 brings THE NOCTURNE blazing back to life, and the Sheriff rides through town again!

Published on February 15, THE NOCTURNE is now available to order in paperback, restoring the wonderful artwork completed by Vince Natale, in full for the first time!

This version is the Definitive Edition paperback version of the novel released through Probable Cause Publishing. This is the third release of the newly revitalised Probable Cause Publishing, the first being LOVE LIES DYING back in September 2016, and LAKE MOUNTAIN in November 2016.

THE NOCTURNE is available via Amazon and through all good book stores worldwide right now! So don’t delay, get out of town before the fires take hold! The awesome new cover artwork can be found below! Click to enlarge and to view in all its splendour.

THE NOCTURNE full cover artwork wrap

They were all fleeing from hell.

And they arrived someplace worse…

Next up for Probable Cause Publishing will be RAGE later this year. Stay tuned…