William F. Nolan to Introduce WITHIN HIS REACH

Posted by on Dec 27, 2009

I’m honored and proud to announce that William F. Nolan will be providing the introduction to WITHIN HIS REACH, which will be released by Tasmaniac Publications.

Everyone is very lucky that the planets aligned for this, and I think readers both old and new will get a real buzz out of this introduction. WITHIN HIS REACH is even more special now.

Alan M Clark will also be providing the cover artwork, which will be an absolute delight as well.

As a reminder, here’s the synopsis below:

Arnold Enright has been a prisoner for the past six years, confined to a cell not of his own making. Sentenced to viewing his world’s reflection in a mirror and with little hope of escape, he is a man whose whole existence can be measured in feet and inches, his only companion the relentless wheeze of an iron lung. In this hopeless life of scientific dead-ends, Arnold Enright is left to ponder, to regret, to constantly remember what was, and what might have been. Forever praying for an escape route and a way to end it all, Mr Enright is about to discover his prayers have been answered, but in a way he could never have imagined.


a novella by
Steve Gerlach
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