Win 1st Draft manuscript of LAKE MOUNTAIN

Posted by on Dec 27, 2005

Here’s your chance to win a signed (and thumb-printed) 1st draft manuscript of LAKE MOUNTAIN:

“Books are living documents. The characters live and breathe within the pages, the settings exist and the plot is ever-changing, right up to the final line.

As a book grows and the story evolves, characters change, scenes are added and removed. In fact, some sections of the tale can end up somewhere completely different from where they started. Characters are written in and out, whole plot lines are strengthened or deleted. Final outcomes can change with just the tweaking of a sentence or two.

LAKE MOUNTAIN is no different. It grew and evolved from the first draft. As the drafts were revised and edited, some ideas were added and some let go. As the ‘special few’ read an advance draft, they contribute different ideas and suggestions as well, making for a more coherent final story. This is how a novel evolves.

First drafts are usually deleted, burned or hidden away, never to see the light of day again. They hold the secret story, the ‘director’s cut’ if you like, or ‘writer’s first cut’ of a novel, laid bare in all its harsh reality – the errors, the bad grammar, the spelling mistakes, the removed sub-plots, the character and plot flaws…

Usually, no one except the inner circle get to see these early drafts, sometimes, only the author himself. But on LAKE MOUNTAIN, anything is possible.

With LAKE MOUNTAIN, you now get the chance to see how it would have all originally turned out. One very special reader out there is going to get to see inside the author’s mind, to see the ‘writer’s rough cut’ of LAKE MOUNTAIN.

You have the chance to venture where no one else is allowed. Feel game?” — Steve Gerlach, April 2005

Bloodletting Press is giving you the chance to win the 1st Draft of LAKE MOUNTAIN, in its original manuscript form, complete with Steve Gerlach’s bloody thumb print! It’s too cool for words! And the original photograph of the model as she sat for the cover art portrait of LAKE MOUNTAIN. There is only one of these!

But time is running out. This competition is only open to those who PRE-ORDER LAKE MOUNTAIN through

Everyone who pre-orders this 1st Edition Gerlach release goes into the draw. Each pre-order gives you another chance to win. So order for your father, your friends, your sister or neighbors today! Each pre-ordered edition will be specially packed before delivery. One lucky copy will have an original photo of the cover model posing for the painting of the cover. The customer who receives that copy wins the competition and will receive the specially inscribed 1st draft manuscript of LAKE MOUNTAIN, direct from the author himself and an original photograph of the model as she sat for the cover art of Lake Mountain.

All Bloodletting Press lifetime members will automatically be entered into this drawing. Everyone who’s already pre-ordered this book from the publisher will also be entered.

Enter now! The competition closes soon! Pre-order today at Bloodletting Press.