Gerlach to Texas - Nov 26 to Dec 3

For all my Texan readers, I will be visiting Dallas, Houston and San Antonio during the dates of Nov 26 to Dec 3.

If anyone would like to catch up and have me sign their books, or themselves, let me know. :)

I’ll be travelling with copies of my novels, so it might be worth meeting up if possible! Email me and we will see if we can share a drink or two.

AUTOPSY II Complete!

Apologies for being quiet of late… but I have been working feverishly on AUTOPSY II - DARKNESS BURNING, the second instalment of the AUTOPSY story.

And I’m happy to say Part II is now complete! Look for an update soon which includes the cover artwork, and a release date.

AUTOPSY II - DARKNESS BURNING continues the story of Autopsy which began in AUTOPSY I - FLESH OF THE DEAD.


INJUSTICE review at

A quick update to alert you to a very good review for INJUSTICE at

It’s nice to see an early novel get such a strong positive review, so I thought I’d post the link here for you to read as well:

While this novel was a limited edition release in the US, there’s hope that LegumeMan will release a paperback version somewhere down the track. This will leave just one unpublished early novel in the archives. If I continue to see positive reviews for INJUSTICE, we may just dust off the remaining lost novel and let it see the light of day once more. :)

LAKE MOUNTAIN available now!

Following on from the story below, I can announce that the paperback and eBook/Kindle versions of LAKE MOUNTAIN are now available for purchase worldwide! Use any of the links below to order your preferred version of the novel.

Again, huge congratulations to the guys and girls at Legumeman Books for all their hard work to bring Raven and Amber back to Gerlach fans in this terrific Volume 2 of the Gerlach Library!

Paperback version via the publisher’s website here:

Paperback version via here:

Kindle version here:

Other eBook versions here:

Order your copy today…and get ready for news about Volume 3 of the Gerlach Library, coming soon… :)

LAKE MOUNTAIN comes to paperback this month

It’s fantastic news to be able to announce that LAKE MOUNTAIN is being released later THIS month by the guys and girls at Legumeman Books.

This is the first time LAKE MOUNTAIN has been available in paperback, and it is also Volume 2 of The Gerlach Library available through Legumeman.

The Gerlach Library is a Legumeman Exclusive - all my novels in paperback and eBook formats, with matching collectors covers. The fantastic cover artwork for Volume 2 is below.


Keep an eye on the publisher’s website at: for more news on this release. As soon as we know more about the release, we will post it here as well.

RAGE now available in Germany

A quick reminder that RAGE is now available in Germany.

The publisher is Wurdack Verlag and you should keep an eye on their website here:

A direct link to order the book is:


WITHIN HIS REACH ebook now available!

I’m delighted to report that WITHIN HIS REACH is now available worldwide in all ebook formats. This limited edition hardback and paperback sold out before release a couple of years ago, so it’s terrific to have an ebook version available for everyone to download!

The Legumeman Books guys and girls have done a wonderful job, and this is release number two of April…one more to come. :)

So, if you have a Kindle or any other type of eReader, grab your copy now using the links below.

Don’t miss out on WITHIN HIS REACH!

"Gerlach has hit it out of the ball park with 'Within His Reach’” - Cemetery Dance

Find out more at the publisher’s website here: and

The Amazon Kindle link is:

And all other eReader versions are available via Smashwords here:


April - Month of Gerlach

Happy Easter one and all. A quick update as it’s a pretty busy month here at Gerlach H.Q. - with three releases scheduled for this month!

First of all, the German version of RAGE is shipping on the 16th.

The publisher is Wurdack Verlag and orders can be placed on their website here:

As a reminder, the cover art is below. More updates on the other two releases any day now… :)


AUTOPSY I - FLESH OF THE DEAD reviewed at Scaryminds

Hot on the heels of the LOVE LIES DYING news comes this very positive review of AUTOPSY I - FLESH OF THE DEAD over at Scaryminds.

It’s always terrific to hear feedback about your work, and along with the great review of WITHIN HIS REACH from Cemetery Dance last month, this new review continues the positive publicity around my work. I really like this review, as it’s in-depth without giving too much away! :)

A screen grab of the review is below, but do follow this link to
Scaryminds to read the complete review!


LOVE LIES DYING makes Amazon UK Bestseller Lists

It’s very exciting to announce that LOVE LIES DYING has made the “KTT UK Book Challenge - Best of the past 12 Months” list on

This Bestseller list was voted by customers, and I’m very happy to report LLD came in at Number 5… with Stieg Larsson at Number 4 and Jeffery Deaver at Number 6!

I’m very pleased with this result, and it’s a terrific outcome for both LOVE LIES DYING and Legumeman Books - the terrific guys and gals who are releasing all my novels in paperback format.

A screen grab of the Top 10 is below. Click on it for a larger view, or check out the live page

ktt books

WITHIN HIS REACH reviewed in Cemetery Dance Magazine

The latest issue of Cemetery Dance Magazine in the US has a lovely review of WITHIN HIS REACH!

It’s very satisfying to read such a review for my Rod Serling tribute story.

It’s also quite timely, as there will be some more news about WITHIN HIS REACH very soon… And it will be of interest to those of you who were unable to secure a copy before it sold out! Yes, you will have an opportunity to grab the story once more.

When the news is official, I will post it here.

Click on the image below to read the full review.